Brandon R. McFadden

Assistant Professor
Applied Economics Graduate Director

Phone: (302) 831-1186

  • Ph.D. Oklahoma State University, 2014
    M.S. University of Arkansas, 2009
    B.A. University of Arkansas Fort Smith, 2007

Research Overview:

There are great challenges with respect to food choice and availability. Some people are not consuming enough calories to meet energy or nutrient requirements, while others are consuming too many calories but not enough nutrients to meet intake recommendations. The food system is adapting to imminent challenges like climate change, drought, disease, and pests. These challenges will bring short-term and long-term costs to society.

The ability for food technology to provide solutions to these challenges may be limited by public perceptions and behavioral responses. My research uses experimental economic methods to study food choice and behavioral economics to better understand consumer perceptions of production methods, food labeling and technology.