Jack Barnhardt

Associate Professor
Department of Psychology

Wesley College

120 N State St
Dover, DE 19901

Email: jack.barnhardt@wesley.edu
Phone: (302) 736 - 2327

  • Ph.D., City University of New York, 2006
    M.A., Queens College, 2002
    B.A., Ohio University, 1995

Research Overview:

Our current research aims to 1) delineate factors that affect the efficiency of the processing of relevant and irrelevant stimuli, 2) investigate the subsequent effects this has upon retention of relevant information, 3) determine how these effects interact with subject variables such as self-reported adult attention deficit disorder (Adult ADD) symptomotology, and 4) impose and test measures designed to improve the effectiveness of selective attention, as measured at time of study and time of test.

The potential for a long run of research projects, and thus for scientific opportunities for undergraduates, is tremendous since there are a large number of possible variables to be examined.  The many questions to be asked in this area thus provide students significant opportunity to develop studies of their own.