Javier Garcia-Frias

Professor and Associate Chair for Graduate Studies
Electrical and Computer Engineering

University of Delaware

307 Evans Hall
Newark, DE 19716

Email: jgarcia@ee.udel.edu
Phone: (302) 831-0751
Fax: (302) 831-4316

  • Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, UCLA, 1999
    B.S. and M.S., Mathematics, UNED, Madrid, Spain, 1995
    B.S. and M.S., Electrical Engineering, UPM, Madrid, Spain, 1992

Research Overview:

Dr. Garcia-Frias research interests are in the area of information processing, including data analysis and information extraction. He is exploring relations among areas such as communications, signal processing, bioinformatics, and economy. Specifically, one of his main interests is the application of probabilistic models, such as hidden Markov models, stochastic grammars, and bayesian networks, as tools for information discovery and modeling.

Since September 1999, Dr. Garcia-Frias has been at the University of Delaware. Prior to the beginning of his Ph.D. studies at UCLA, he was with Telefonica I+D, Spain, from 1994 to 1996. Dr. Garcia-Frias has published over 40 articles in professional journals, international conferences and workshops. He received the NSF CAREER Award in 2001 in support of his research program in the area of communications.