John Slater

Assistant Professor

Phone: 302-831-6541

  • Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering. Doctoral Portfolio Degree in Nanotechnology. University of Texas at Austin.
    B.S. Mechanical Engineering. University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Research Overview:

It is well established that microenvironmental cues influence cell fate but the molecular mechanisms that drive this phenomenon remain elusive and the ability to precisely control a cell’s local environment remains difficult. The Slater Lab focuses on the development and implementation of new fabrication methodologies to create biomimetic patterned surfaces and 3D multicellular constructs that allow for precise control over the presentation of both biophysical and biochemical cues that can be tuned to elicit desired cellular traits. The lab is applying these highly structured biomaterials to a number of topics including the recapitulation of desired cellular phenotypes, reduction of cellular heterogeneity in culture, lineage-specific stem cell differentiation, and development of high-throughput drug screening models.