Leonard G. Davis

Associate Professor
Department of Biological Sciences

Delaware State University

Room 121, Mishoe Science Center South
1200 N. Dupont Highway, Dover, DE 19901

Email: ledavis@desu.edu
Phone: (302) 857-7370
Fax: (302) 857-6512

  • Ph.D., Biochemistry, University of Illinois at the Medical Center, 1979
    M.S., Physiological Psychology, Northwestern University, 1974
    B.S., Biology, University of Illinois - Urbana, 1969

Research Overview:

My molecular neuroscience laboratory is focused on investigating the mechanisms of invertebrate behaviors, including learning and memory. Understanding the molecular basis of even a simple brain function presents a complex problem that requires an integrative and multidisciplinary approach. Thus, our projects are collaborative with Dr. Harrington and other Biology faculty members. The basic skills needed for neuroscience research includes an appreciation of behavior, anatomy, neurochemistry, physiology, and pharmacology/toxicology as well as molecular biology. Understanding the relationship of these to brain function provides an excellent training program for students because it requires obtaining, and using, integrative knowledge and strategies. My neuroscience research program investigates such problems using molecular biological tools while training students interested biomedical research careers. The skills learned from investigating the molecular mechanisms underlying behaviors are applicable to many problems, especially neurological diseases. For example, routine procedures such as making DNA libraries, PCR cloning, using expression vectors, performing DNA/RNA/protein analysis, as well as techniques such as the creation and use of transgenic animals and DNA arrays could be applicable in a student’s research career.