Mark A. Blenner

Associate Professor of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

University of Delaware

Ammon Pinizzotto Biopharmaceutical Innovation Center

590 Avenue 1743
Newark, DE 19713


  • Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, Columbia University, 2009
B.S., Chemical Engineering, Manhattan College, 2004

Research Overview:

Biological systems have been used for the production of value-added compounds for centuries; however, our ability to read and write DNA make it possible to engineer biology to far exceed its natural capabilities. Our research group addresses big problems in sustainability, human health, national defense, and space exploration – using synthetic biology, metabolic engineering, genomics & systems biology, and protein engineering. We work mostly in eukaryotic systems (non-model yeast and mammalian cells) as well as bacteria, to make biopharmaceutical, natural products, oleochemicals, biomaterials and biosensors.