Megan Killian

Assistant Professor

University of Delaware

Department of Biomedical Engineering
5 Innovation Way
Newark, DE 19716

Phone: 302-831-7047

  • Postdoctoral Fellowship in Orthopedic Surgery, Washington University School of Medicine, 2015
    PhD in Biomedical Engineering, Michigan Technological University, 2010
    MS in Human Movement Biomechanics, Montana State University, 2007
    BS in Biomedical Engineering, Michigan Technological University, 2005

Research Overview:

Research in the Killian Laboratory integrates mechanical engineering and developmental biology principles to develop strategies for improving healing of injured tendon and fibrocartilage. We are particularly interested in identifying how certain molecular and cellular cues, essential for the maturation of fibrous connective tissues, also regulate healing and adaptation of mature connective tissues following altered mechanical loading. Additionally, our interdisciplinary approaches are identifying the structure/function relationships by which soft, compliant tissues (e.g., tendon, ligament, and cartilage) naturally interface with hard, rigid tissues (e.g., bone).

Our main research interests are to:

(1) understand the role of tendon-, cartilage-, and bone-related factors, such as scleraxis, BMPs, and FGFs, in enthesis development and growth;
(2) identify the role of mechanical loading during tendon/bone healing; and
(3) identify the mechanical and molecular mechanism(s) that regulate fibrocartilage and bone remodeling during post-natal growth and healing following injury.