Sylvain G. Cloutier

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Electrical And Computer Engineering
Assistant Professor, Center for Biomedical Engineering Research

University of Delaware

202 Evans Hall
Newark, DE 19716

Phone: (302) 831-4352
Fax: (302) 831-4316

  • Ph.D., Engineering, Brown University, 2006
    M.S., Physics, Universit├ę Laval, 2003
    B.Eng., Engineering Physics, Universit├ę Laval, 2001

Research Overview:

Light constitutes a most powerful way to understand and provide unique control over the fundamental properties of materials. My general research interests include using light-matter interactions to study biological systems as well as nano-scaled materials (carbon nanotubes, semiconductor nanodots & nanowires, metallic nanoparticles, and others). More specifically, I use these materials as building-blocks in the development of novel hybrid bio & nano-functionalized optical materials and photonic devices. I am also expending my work to bio-photonics and photo-biology by using light to probe, manipulate, characterize and control cells and their constituents, and integrating nano-materials to enhance and provide further control over light-matter interactions in such biological systems.

In the past, I specialized in the fabrication and study of nano-photonic materials such as  laser-activated molecular systems for optical switches & gratings, demonstration of novel phase transitions in nano-confined molecular systems, detection & study nano-confined DNA, optical characterization of DNA-directed assembly of nanostructures, and exploration of the novel optical properties of nano-engineered semiconductor materials (such as dot, anti-dot and nanorod arrays) and metallic nanoparticles.

I also worked for more than two years in industrial R&D where I participated in the design and assembly of customized optical systems for material and device characterization.