William K. Kroen

Professor of Biology

Wesley College

120 N. State Street
Dover, DE 9901

Email: william.kroen@wesley.edu
Phone: (302) 736-2570
Fax: (302) 736-2301

  • Ph.D., Botany, Duke University, 1989
    M.S., Botany, Washington State University, 1984
    B.S., Biology, The Pennsylvania State University, 1981

Research Overview:

Dr. Kroen teaches a wide variety of courses for students majoring in biology and environmental science.  He works closely with beginning students in a first-semester seminar on the scientific process and the two-semester sequence in General Biology.  Additionally, he teaches upper-level courses in Plant Biology, Invertebrate Zoology, Biochemistry, and Limnology.  He will begin a new course under the auspices of Delaware EPSCoR in March 2007 to educate future teachers about local environmental issues.

His training and experience is in plant physiology, particularly environmental influences on photosynthesis, of both algae and agricultural crops.  This interest spills over into examining local effects of nutrient runoff from agricultural areas that fuels growth of algae into waterways.

Relevant Publication: Kroen, W. K.  2004.  Modeling the Writing Process: Using Authentic Data to Teach Students to Write Scientifically.  Journal of College Science Teaching 34(3):50-53.