Postdoctoral Development Program

Postdocs benefit from connecting with fellow scientists at similar career stages from both academia and industry and from getting exposure to a range of professional development topics beyond their daily research. As many granting agencies now require PIs to develop mentoring or career development plans for postdocs, the DBI has partnered with Delaware Bio in sponsoring the Life Science Professionals program. The bi-monthly Life Science Professionals meetings provide networking opportunities and short presentations on a range of professional development topics. Our goal is to assist both postdocs and PI’s by supporting these professional development events.

The Life Sciences Professionals events, hosted every other month, are intended to provide peer networking and professional development opportunities that connects academics with local industry partners. The meetings are organized by Delaware Bio, which facilitates the growth of life science industry and education in Delaware and the region.

You are (likely) part of the life science community: The life science community includes a diverse range of scientists from physicists, chemists, engineers, to biologists and everything in between. Chances are that even if you may normally not consider yourself a “life scientist” you will find a welcoming community of like-minded scientists.

Its free! DBI is a co-sponsor of this program and will pay for the event registration costs for UD postdoctoral researchers who wish to attend any of the Life Science Professionals meetings and networking events (advanced graduate students and non-UD postdocs are also welcome but will need to cover their own registration cost of registration). This is a great way to make contacts with fellow scientists from across the region.

The link for registration is here: Please be sure to select the “UD Postdoc or DBI Resident (Sponsored by DBI)” option while registering.

We hope you will take advantage of this and future opportunities and encourage your fellow postdocs in your program to attend.