Plant and Soil Sciences

“Exploring Return on Mission & Civic Responsibility in Australian Public Horticulture”

Longwood Graduate Fellows
University of Delaware

Longwood Gardens’ vision for the future has a focus on civic responsibility, including a commitment to increasing meaningful community engagement, environmental stewardship and accessibility. The vision also recognizes the importance of measuring the outcomes of these goals in order to understand what impact the garden is making on the wider world. The Longwood Graduate Program Fellows traveled to Australia in January 2016 with the goal of advancing Longwood Gardens’ vision for growth through on-site study and documentation of return on mission and civic responsibility in Australia. Key takeaways include innovative approaches to strategic planning and performance metrics, incorporation of socially inclusive interpretation, strategic partnerships to improve education and outreach programming, action oriented approaches to engaging visitors, and the role of government in improving garden accessibility.

The Longwood Graduate Program is a two-year Master of Science Fellowship that prepares students for leadership careers in public horticulture. The program was established in 1967, and has seen many graduates advance to take top positions in horticultural institutions around the world. The Longwood Graduate Fellows take courses at the University of Delaware, research and defend theses on diverse subjects, and participate in several experiential projects including travel, symposium planning, and an annual outreach project.

University of Delaware
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Hosting Organization:
Dr. Jules Bruck
University of Delaware

April 15, 2016

12:20 p.m. - 1:15 p.m.