Science Cafe

“The Preferences of Parasitic Wasps”

Keith R. Hopper, PhD
USDA Agricultural Research Service
University of Delaware

More about this presentation:

Many tiny species of wasps parasitize insects and spiders, laying eggs in their hosts and developing by using host tissues. The wasps then emerge as adults to lay their eggs in more hosts. Hundreds of thousands of species pursue this lifestyle and are critical in controlling the populations of their hosts. When foreign insects invade a new region, they can escape their parasites and become pests, like the brown-marmorated stink bug and the soybean aphid. Introducing parasitic wasps from their homelands can control these pests, but the introduced wasps should not attack native non-target species. This Science Cafe will provide a glimpse into the lives of these fascinating little creatures and how they choose their hosts and mates.

Science Cafe begins at 5:30pm at the Deer Park Tavern (upstairs), 108 W. Main St. in Newark. This event is sponsored by the UD Department of Philosophy and Delaware NSF-EPSCoR. It is free and open to the public–food and beverages will be served.

108 West Main Stret
Newark, DE 19711

Hosting Organization:
UD Department of Philosophy and Delaware NSF-EPSCoR

April 29, 2015

5:30 pm