What are the email settings for the DBI server?

The easiest way to connect to the DBI email server is via the web interface. If you want to connect to the server via an email client like Mac Mail, or Thunderbird you can do so with the IMAP protocol.

  • Username: Your full email address (i.e. [yourname]
  • Incoming Server:, SSL should be on (port 993)
  • Outgoing Server:, use port 25 (the default)

How do I connect my smartphone to the DBI email server?

Follow the directions for your phone. The information you need is in the question above.

I can’t see my folders in Mac Mail.

In the Zimbra Web Console you need to drag your folders so that they become subfolders of INBOX. Once they are subfolders (you can tell by the little arrow that minimizes/maximizes the list) you should be able to quit and relaunch Mac Mail to see the folders. It takes a few minutes for Mail to load all the subfolders so don’t worry if they don’t show up right away.

I want to set up a vacation message.

  1. In the Zimbra Web Console, click on the Preferences Tab.
  2. Select the Mail option from the list on the left (the one with the arrow next to it).
  3. Under the Receiving Messages section you should see a checkbox for Send auto-reply message. Check this.
  4. In the box enter your message.
  5. [Optional] You can set a start date and or end date. The message with automatically activate/deactivate on that date.