Delaware Biotechnology Institute scientists use molecular and cellular methods to address some of the most important agricultural problems. The faculty, students, and staff have world-leading expertise in molecular and cellular based plant science that is leading to new technologies for treating diseases that affect plants used for food and as raw materials for fuel around the world. With an emphasis on the application of the most advanced molecular sequencing technologies, as well as breakthrough methods to visualize cells, we are widely regarded for our knowledge of how genes are expressed and how the gene expression is controlled by plant cells. In fact, our work in plants is also directly leading to exciting new applications in understanding human diseases as well. Our faculty, students, and staff working in animal science are particularly well-known for their work in poultry science with important applications to the $11 billion dollar poultry industry that is important to the Delaware economy. The application of the molecular sequencing technologies and cell visualization techniques to understanding avian diseases is leading to improved methods to treat and immunize poultry flocks and is also leading to important breakthroughs for human disease.