2018 Delaware BioGENEius Challenge

Congratulations to our 2018 BioGENEius Winner!   One winner was selected to represent Delaware at the June 4-7 BIO International Convention in Boston, Massachusetts.  

Atkinson/University of Delaware

Delaware BioGENEius Challenge Winner:

  • Preeti Krishnamani, Charter School of Wilmington, Effects of Silicon Amendments on the Concentration and Adsorption Properties of Iron-Oxides in Paddy Soils

Honorable Mention:

  • Ashish D’Souza, Polytech High School, Using Supervised Machine Learning for Accurate and Efficient Ground-level Ozone Predictions

Teacher Recognition Awardee:

  • Robert Bogdziewicz, Polytech High School
  • Rose Lounsbury, Charter School of Wilmington

Other News: