IT Resources

The DBI IT group provides assistance to DBI community. Our services stretch beyond support of your desktop and laptop computers.

    • BIOMIX – DBI’s shared computing cluster is named BIOMIX (formerly BIOHEN). Computing on BIOMIX is available to the DBI community without  charge. However, please consider contributing hardware to BIOMIX or funds to purchase hardware. It is crucial to renew hardware every  3 years to keep  relevant. More about BIOMIX and its resources can be found here.
    • Server Hosting – We host a number of servers. In addition to hosting, we provide system administration of hosted servers, if needed. In some cases, there is no charge associated with these services although this is dependent on project scope.
    • The CAVE – The CAVE is an immersive 3D graphics room at DBI with a 7’x15′ rear-projection screen, delivering a rear-projected 3D stereoscopic images. The system can support a wide range of applications: molecular modeling, image visualization, biological data exploration, and biomedical simulations.
    • Web site hosting and development – DBI’s web servers host a variety of web sites for DBI community.
    • Storage Space – Computer storage space is an issue for many given the size of genomic data. We offer disk space on DBI’s central storage server. The server provides redundant disk and data path configurations, tape backups and offsite storage at South Chapel Street (off-site copies are created monthly). There is a charge associated with this service.
    • Desktop/laptop support – We provide support for desktop and laptop computers at DBI. We cannot provide such support for computers from home.
    • File sharing space – We can provide modest amounts of space (<100GB) for file sharing at DBI using repurposed older servers for no charge. The space is configured with access controls, and it can be set up for access to as many or as few as required.
    • OWL 360 Degree Meeting Camera – We have an OWL Labs camera that is available for use upon request. It is a 360 degree meeting room camera that has built in voice and video tracking.

The preferred way to contact DBI’s IT team is by email to (this email reaches all members of the team). Members of the team can also be contacted directly: