Deborah Powell

Scanning Electron Microscope Expert
Research Associate III

BioImaging Center

University of Delaware
Delaware Biotechnology Institute
15 Innovation Way, Suite 117
Newark, DE 19711

Phone: 302-831-3449
Fax: 302-831-4841

Research Overview:

I assist users with scanning electron microscopy (SEM) techniques which includes use of the FE-SEM with conventional and with cryo-prepared samples and elemental analysis. I also provide guidance with SEM sample prep including use of the critical point drier and denton vacuum gold coater as well as with the Leica high pressure freezer.

In addition to working with the FE-SEM, I also have knowledge of transmission electron microscopy including negative staining,immunogold and immunofluorescence localization and confocal microscopy. I am also a laboratory instructor for the BISC 850 Confocal Microscopy course and would be happy to answers about any of the above listed techniques.