Kelvin H. Lee

Gore Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering

University of Delaware

590 Avenue 1743
Newark, DE 19713

Phone: 302-831-0344
Fax: 302-831-4841
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  • Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, California Institute of Technology, 1995
    M.S., Chemical Engineering, California Institute of Technology, 1993
    B.S., Chemical Engineering, Princeton University 1991

Research Overview:

With the right tools, one can identify the genetic basis for many different phenotypes or disease states. Our research laboratory is focused on the development of next generation tools for protein  expression profiling and the use of existing tools applied to specific problems in biomolecular engineering and medicine. Our current areas of focus include: 1) the use of proteomics in support of a passive immunization clinical trial for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease; 2) the study of enhanced heterologous protein secretion in bacterial and mammalian cells including a detailed understanding of protein translation; and 3) the development of nanoscale materials and technologies for protein separation. We rely heavily on computational methods as well as biological mass spectrometry and we actively pursue both gel-based as well as shotgun-based proteomics approaches.