Life Science Professionals

“Cancer, The Enemy Within: New Insights Into Cancer Development and Metastasis”

Featured Speaker:
Raj Rajasekaran, Ph.D.
Founder & President
Therapy Architects, LLC

The lethality of cancer is primarily due to metastasis, where invasive cancer cells spread to multiple organs. Genetic mutations and epigenetic changes in a normal cell initiate the development of a cancer cell which with time grows and progresses into metastatic cancer. The mechanisms leading to metastasis are still largely unknown. At this event, Dr. Rajasekaran will present a new paradigm in which a protein molecule generated from normal cells due to the action of a factor derived from metastatic cancer cells, has the potential to convert neighboring normal cells into cancerous. This local in situ transformation of normal cells is a novel mechanism of cancer development and may be involved in the rapid dispersal of cancer at multiple sites facilitating metastasis.

Who should attend?
Life science professionals who are interested in expanding their network, and learning about groundbreaking cancer research led by one of the region’s foremost experts in the field.

What to expect?
The Life Science Professionals events bring together scientists, engineers, healthcare professionals, and postdocs from industry and academia and provide a great opportunity to network with peers and mentors.

MUST be a scientist, engineer, healthcare professional or postdoc to attend.

For more information:
Ruby Harrington

Delaware Biotechnology Institute
15 Innovation Way
Newark, DE 19711

Hosting Organization:
Delaware Bio

February 11, 2016

5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.